Baking A Cornish Hen Using a Trangia Stove

I’m a huge fan of alcohol stoves because of the clean-burning, intense heat they put out when using denatured alcohol. This means that even with a pocket-sized stove like the Trangia Stove, you can whip up a meal that you normally would cook with large, boring ovens.

I recently broke out my trusty little Trangia to see how it would tackle the chore of cooking up a cornish hen. Since a hen needs to be baked to ensure the whole thing gets cooked properly and to avoid salmonella (diarrhea kinda sucks) I used a traditional, cast iron dutch oven. To rest the oven on I took a small, aluminum pot and drilled holes throughout to make sure the stove received the proper amount of oxygen needed to give the little hen the proper cooking respect it deserves.

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  • Mike Harrell

    This is amazing!

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