Silverfire Super Dragon
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Silverfire Super Dragon

The Silverfire Super Dragon is a stove that I own and use to cook my backyard meals for myself and family several times per week.

The stove accepts any type of biomass including sticks, twigs, pinestraw, pine cones…pretty anything that you can pick up off the ground that came from nature and is dry. In other words, free fuel!

The stove has a small fan on the front that injects air into the burn chamber to make starting the fire much easier and making the fire much hotter. A small amount of fuel goes a long ways since The Silverfire Super Dragon uses every bit of the energy from the biomass you feed it.

The fan only takes 3 watts of power to run and I typically use my Goal Zero 150 Adventure Kit when I’m cooking and there is no power available.

Here is a video of me cranking out some grub with The Silverfire Super Dragon!

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