What’s The World’s Best Fire Starter?

In this video I took to the trusty workbench on a cold, rainy day with a cold beer and laid out my case (the video doesn’t lie!) for what I think is the best fire starter to use when you’re using a fire to cook with.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve set out to cook up some grub out in the woods, only to find that most of the fuel around (sticks and twigs) is wet. Or when I was crazy hungry and not in the mood to babysit a fire while my stomach was pissed off at me for not feeding it.

So here ya go, a quick video that gives you some good ideas for getting your fire stoked up.

what about you, got any ideas/methods/techniques that you’ve found to be a good fire starter?

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34 Comments on "What’s The World’s Best Fire Starter?"

  • Barbara Murray

    This was a great experiment. Thank you. My son keeps a collection of pine sap in a jar that we use. A little on the end of a stick stays burning hot and long enough to get a good fire going as well. Just in case your ever out without all your supplies.

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